7 Diseases That Can Cause Flu-Like Signs, However They Aren’t Flu Virus. Additional bugs also can bring those flu-like disorders.

7 Diseases That Can Cause Flu-Like <a href="https://datingranking.net/filipino-dating/">https://datingranking.net/filipino-dating</a> Signs, However They Aren’t Flu Virus. Additional bugs also can bring those flu-like disorders.

Considering that the flu virus can distribute like wildfire among unvaccinated forums, it’s tempting to worry that each cough, muscles ache, and clue of a fever is indicative you caught the flu.

That is easy to understand, considering that you’ll find a huge amount of different conditions that cause copycat flu-like warning signs, like temperature, cough, runny nose, and stress, amongst others, per the stores for infection regulation and protection.

“Any overwhelming disease that promotes our very own defense mechanisms can [produce] a number of the same signs,” clarifies Cindy Weston, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, associate professor from the Tx A&M College of breastfeeding. Simply put, “most flu virus simply is like a routine cool,” Joseph Khabbaza, MD, a pulmonologist at Cleveland hospital, informs Health.

The only way to know for sure you’ve got the flu virus is to find tested–but there are subdued clues to assist you distinguish between influenza plus one otherwise.

Below are a few of the numerous conditions that could cause flu-like signs and symptoms, but they aren’t the flu.


Both colds and influenza tend to be viral diseases, both commonly occur in alike seasons, and they have a lot of overlapping warning signs, including a throat pain and a rigid nostrils.

The main differences are how quickly the observable symptoms seriously. “A cool usually gradually progresses symptom by sign over [several] era,” states Keri Peterson, MD, an internist at Lenox Hill medical center in new york. “With the flu virus, the constellation of warning signs of higher temperature, cough, muscles ache, and severe lethargy comes on in 24 to a couple of days.”

And though a lot of signs overlap, common colds usually don’t incorporate upper body serious pain or system aches, that are most feature associated with flu virus, brings Dr. Peterson.

Strep throat

The flu virus and strep throat express most warning signs, but there are two you could find from inside the flu but never ever in strep: coughing and nasal obstruction.

Strep neck could also bring inflamed lymph nodes, swollen tonsils, a skin rash, or white blotches regarding tonsils. Not one of the is actually common for the flu.

In case the medical practitioner suspects strep, the individual will likely swab your throat and examination your germs. In the event the test comes back positive, you’ll probably see antibiotics, that could generally get rid of signs or symptoms quickly.


Pneumonia may come separately from flu virus or it could be another complication of getting sick. You may even look like you’re across flu virus immediately after which bang–you’re stricken with another issues. “People are becoming the flu virus and possibly actually driving it, and a week or so later on, they’re to arrive with pneumonia,” Weston says.

Generally, pneumonia that accompanies or following the flu virus is as a result of bacterium and certainly will getting addressed by antibiotics. With this specific types of pneumonia, “the coughing is pretty persistent and unrelenting and quite often related to upper body discomfort,” Weston states. “The temperature could possibly be low-grade or more. Frequently there’s no desire for food with pneumonia, and there can be somebody aches.” A pneumonia cough has also mucus on it.

Pneumonia that is not associated with the flu is usually viral; viral pneumonia is also typically milder compared to the microbial kind.

You may also possess some obstruction, coughing, and weakness, which could point to the flu–but in this situation, they’re just flu-like problems.

Doctors can listen for telltale signs and symptoms of pneumonia by putting a stethoscope towards chest, states Dr. Peterson.


Mono can be known as “kissing condition” because it can become passed through saliva (alongside coughing, sneezing, and sharing utensils).

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